Name.Space, Inc. Accredited as ICANN Post-Testbed Registrar

press release from 04-21-99

Beginning at the end of June, 1999, Name.Space will begin reselling domains under .com, .net, and .org at a discount price that will be significantly less than the $70.00 presently charged by Network Solutions, Inc. which has enjoyed a monopoly on domain registrations under a government contract, set to expire in September, 2000.

Name.Space commends ICANN and the Department of Commerce in their efforts to bring competition to the domain name market. Name.Space founder and CEO Paul Garrin comments, "The ICANN Accreditation is a significant and important first step and a landmark achievement in the privatization of DNS, but the competition in the com org and net domains falls far short of the true potential for vigorous domain competition possible by opening new top level domains (TLDs). These new TLDs are part of ICANN's charter, and Name.Space urges ICANN to address new TLDs with all deliberate speed."

Starting in June, with competition in com the industry is likely to see lower prices and dramatically increased volumes in existing TLDs. Name.Space is committed to serve that market at the increased scale projected for competition. We believe that Name.Space, being the only new TLD registry/registrar to be accredited by ICANN, will lead the way in servicing new TLDs in the near future, at a greatly reduced cost over the presently over-crowded "com." domain. Just as Name.Space has determined that the wholesale price for a domain is no more than $2.00 per name, in contrast to the $9.00 per name charged by Network Solutions, Inc., the new TLDs be are expected to be less expensive than discounted fees for .com, .net, and .org, and more attractive to the end user. We look forward to the time when true open competition and diversity comes to the domain name service market, and we are prepared to meet the demand head on."


Name.Space, based in New York City, has developed and deployed an advanced system of domain name registration, operating new Top Level Domains (TLDs) since 1996, lighting up new domain names in real time, bringing automation and high efficiency to the new nameservice industry.

The universal domain name search engine, sWhois (smart whois) developed by Name.Space simplifies searching the world's domains and provides a public service by making services formerly reserved for UNIX operators available to average users for free over the web.

Name.Space is committed to working with our clients to enable their access to the net, preserve their rights to privacy and free speech, and to provide trusted, low-cost, high value services.



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